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New OMB Memo Clarifies Lobbying Restrictions


A new memo from the Obama administration clarifies the strict lobbying restrictions set by the March 20th memo. (The March 20th memo is included below, along with the new memo, m-09-16.)

This memo offers significant detail and guidance, including specific examples of how administration officials should react to specific questions. This document looks like a response to a load of questions that must have bombarded OMB since the March 20th memo. It includes contact information for administration officials, and suggests that they're welcoming feedback on the policy.

This document should be read by lobbyists and administration officials alike.

m-09-16 m-09-16 johnwonderlich Obama administration OMB memo m-09-16 regarding stimulus lobbying (ARRA). Attaches and clarifies strict lobbying restrictions on federally registered lobbyists. With FAQ and examples, also includes March 20th memo.