The Supreme Court recently ruled that aggregate contribution limits to political candidates are unconstitutional. Although we are disappointed by this outcome, we will continue to push for real-time transparency of hard money contributions.

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Groups Call for 3 Day Rule


Sunlight has long called for all bills to be posted online for 3 days before they're considered on the floor. So our disappointment with recent failures to post bills online for 3 days should be no surprise.

Today Sunlight and a number of other groups are sending a letter (below) to Speaker Boehner, calling on him to renew his commitment to posting all bills online for 3 days before their consideration.

The groups signing the letter are:

  • Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest
  • Demand Progress
  • Government Accountability Project
  • National Taxpayers Union
  • Participatory Politics Foundation
  • The Sunlight Foundation
  • United Republic

Orgs Call on Speaker Boehner to Uphold "Read the Bill" 3 Day Pledge