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2Day in #OpenGov 12/3/12




  • Congress polls low on honesty: People have a better view of the U.S. Congress' honesty this year than they did last year, but more than half still have a negative view of congressional ethics and honesty. (POLITICO)
  • Staffer falls less than $2 short of disclosure: A Senator's deputy chief of staff had a salary that put her $1.12 under the bar for disclosure. Her husband is running for lieutenant governor of Virginia. (Washington Post)
  • Lawmakers head to K Street: Several of the lawmakers leaving the hill - whether through retirement or losing a bid for reelection - are headed to K Street to join the lobbying world. Departing House members will technically have to wait one year to lobby their former colleagues, and former Senators are supposed to wait two years. (POLITICO)
  • New ALL leader wants changes: Monte Ward, the new head of the American League of Lobbyists, said one of his goals is to make it harder for people working in government relations to avoid triggering registration under the Lobbying Disclosure Act. (Roll Call)
  • OGP announces transparency overseers: The Open Government Partnership (OGP) recently announced the senior advisers who will oversee transparency in the nearly 60 member countries. Some 45 OGP countries have released open government plans so far. (The Guardian)
  • Countries discuss telecommunications needs: Representatives from countries around the world will be meeting this week to discuss telecommunications issues like Internet infrastructure. (GovTech) 
  • Activist forms political party to fight graft in India: An anti-corruption activist in India has launched a political party focused on the issue of graft in the government there. (VOA)


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