93.066 State Vital Statistics Improvement Program

Department of Health and Human Services

To improve the timeliness, quality and sustainability of the de-centralized vital statistics system by adopting nationally-developed, consensus standards and guidelines; by actively working with states to re-engineer their state-owned and operated systems using these standards/guidelines; and by improving the efficiency of business operations of state vital statistics programs. Working collaboratively between State and Federal agencies, the goal is to facilitate the development and implementation of re-engineered systems in all 57 registration areas. These will be systems that can: (1) provide quality and timely data for public health surveillance and medical research; (2) meet citizen needs for legal copies of their birth and death records, including providing paper copies of records to citizens for their immediate legal or personal use, and at citizens' request, transferring records electronically to local, State or Federal agencies to satisfy an agency's need for a record; meet Federal agencies' needs for record verification and authentication; (3) result in comparable vital registration/statistics systems in each state; (4) use national standards and guidelines, including the 2003 revision of the U.S. Standard Certificates of Birth and Death and the Report of Fetal Death, th... read more at CFDA.gov.

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