93.723 ARRA - Prevention and Wellness-State, Territories and Pacific Islands

Department of Health and Human Services

This funding was appropriated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Health Service Act, 42 U.S. Code 241(a) and 247b (k) 2). The ARRA funds are intended to reduce Chronic Disease risk factors, prevent and delay chronic disease, promote wellness, and better manage chronic conditions. There will be two program components included in the supplemental award announcement; Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Tobacco Control (component 1) and National Network of Tobacco Quitlines (component 2). This initiative will address the following areas in component 1: • Increased levels of physical activity • Improved nutrition (e.g. increased fruit/vegetable consumption, reduced salt and transfats); • decreased smoking prevalence and decreased teen smoking initiation; and • Decreased exposure to secondhand smoke. and Component 2 • Expand National Network of Tobacco Quitlines. States, Territories, Pacific Islands and the District of Columbia funded under this announcement will accomplish this by planning and implementing interventions and establishing evidence-based policies to support and institutionalize healthy behaviors related to nutrition, physical activity and tobacco prevention among state/territory residents. These strategies will ultimate... read more at CFDA.gov.

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Total Program Obligations*: (grants and loans)
  • 2009: $0
  • 2010: $120,555,527
  • 2011: $0
  • Consistency (Grants)200920102011
    percent or dollar amount of obligations that were over/under reported, or not reported at all
    Over Reported
    Under Reported$395,367
    Not Reported
  • Completeness200920102011
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    Recipient type
    Federal Agency
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    Funding Amount
    Principal Place of Grant Code$129,397,572$1,704,288
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    Recipient State
    Recipient County Code$1,934,293
    Recipient County Name
    Recipient City Code$1,613,894
    Recipient City Name
    Principal State of Grant$89,728,702$1,704,288
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