93.713 ARRA – Child Care and Development Block Grant

Department of Health and Human Services

The ARRA - CCDBG is a part of the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program, along with Child Care Discretionary Funds (CFDA number 93.575) the Child Care Mandatory and Matching Funds (CFDA number 93.596). This supplemental FY 2009 CCDBG funding was appropriated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5). This funding will provide economic stimulus to the nation while furthering the ACF mission to promote the economic and social well being of children, youth, families, and communities. Objectives under the CCDBG Act are: To make grants to States, Territories, Tribes, and tribal organizations for child care assistance for low-income families and to: (1) allow each State maximum flexibility in developing child care programs and policies that best suit the needs of children and parents within such State; (2) promote parental choice to empower working parents to make their own decisions on the child care that best suits their family's needs; (3) encourage States to provide consumer education information to help parents make informed choices about child care; (4) assist States to provide child care to parents trying to achieve independence from public assistance; and (5) assist States in implementing the health, safety, licensing, and registration... read more at CFDA.gov.

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Total Program Obligations*: (grants and loans)
  • 2009: $1,995,000,000
  • 2010: $10,000,000
  • 2011: $0
  • Consistency (Grants)200920102011
    percent or dollar amount of obligations that were over/under reported, or not reported at all
    Over Reported
    Under Reported
    Not Reported$10,012,082
  • Timeliness200920102011
    percent or dollar amount of obligations that were late
    Total Dollars Analyzed$9,734,201$61,303
    Late Dollars (reported over 45 days after obligation)
    Average Reporting Lag (days since obligation)520
  • Completeness200920102011
    percent or dollar amount of obligations that failed each field
    Recipient type
    Federal Agency
    CFDA Program Number
    Funding Amount
    Principal Place of Grant Code$1,995,000,000$425,030
    Recipient Name
    Recipient State
    Recipient County Code$43,417,556
    Recipient County Name
    Recipient City Code$27,030,247$16,802
    Recipient City Name
    Principal State of Grant$40,000,000$425,030
    Record Type
    Action Type
    Recipient Congressional District
    Obligation Action Date Formatted Correctly
    Assistance Type
    Federal Award ID
* Total program obligations reported in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
No obligations reported in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance