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Join us to haunt the House (and Senate) this Halloween!

This Halloween, there’s plenty to be scared of on Capitol Hill. The fate of $1.5 trillion rests in the hands of 12 members of the “Super Committee” tasked with slashing our national deficit. We’d like to think this Committee has our best interest in mind when they hover the axe, but the Committee’s been operating in the shadows where deep pocketed powerful special interests, creepy corporations and other things that go bump in the night are whispering in their ears. (Learn more

Will it be Medicare or environmental programs on the chopping block? Will taxes get hiked or revenues slashed? We don’t know. But as long as the Super Committee does their work in the shadows, the vampires and zombie lobbyists lurking there will be heard louder than the rest of us. It’s time to get the skeletons out of the closet and tell the Super Committee that transparency isn’t just for ghosts this year. Join us as we Haunt the House (and Senate). (More info below!)





On October 31st, Sunlight and our partners will Haunt the House (and the Senate) -- and we want you to be there. We’ll be heading to Super Committee members’ offices all around the country to remind them who they work for. Head to to join your local Haunt.

When: Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 9AM (local time)
Where: Your local Super Committee member's office. (Find it here! or check our our "Main Haunts" below.)

Interested in helping to organize a haunt at your local office? Get in touch: For more information -- and all the resources you'd need to run your own event -- click here to download our action kit. Going alone or with a few friends? Download and print our issue handout to bring to your representative.

download our action kit get the handout

Rock your district office visit in style: Take some data-rich posters about your representative or senator with you. Visuals pack a mean (and scary!) punch.

download posters

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