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The Open Government Directive


In December 2009, the White House released the Open Government Directive.

In a livestreamed chat, blogpost, and document online, the White House announced a bold new plan for openness in the Executive Branch. The result of months of interior conversations, and three public components, the new policy introduced sweeping goals and initiatives aimed at bringing citizens closer to their government, through technology, information, and public interaction.

Relevant Sunlight Blog Posts

For additional background, here are some resources:

  • Sunlight Labs "Open Watcher" - An application checks each major agency website’s /Open page to see if it exists.

  • Sunlight’s Press Release on the Open Government Directive

  • Sunlight’s Policy Agenda

  • Sunlight’s Our Open Government List (dialog on the directive)

  • OMBWatch’s 21st Century Right to Know report (Sunlight participated and endorsed, pdf)