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Tell the “Super Committee” to Open Up

Congress just pushed through the “Debt Ceiling” bill with almost no transparency. Let’s make sure the new “Super Committee” committee created by this bill operates in the open.

The Super Committee is made up of 12 members of regular Congress who have been given the power to suggest cutting $1.5 trillion dollars from the national debt. Despite the importance of their recommendations, the law that created this committee says very little about how open it should be. Right now, only the first meeting, the ultimate report and the congressional vote on the final product are required to be public.

The stakes are too high for such a powerful committee to operate out of the reach of public oversight. We demand to know what goes on behind the scenes: the Super Committee needs to be transparent about its work and about the special interests who will undoubtably try to influence their decisions. There is precedent for every single one of our recommendations for openness (some of which you can see to the right). Stand with us and demand that this Super Committee display a super level of accountability and transparency.

Help us demand accountability and transparency!

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    Join us in demanding an open Super Committee

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    Adopt a member of the Super Committee

    We don't all have representation on the Super Committee, we all have an interest in what's at stake. Choose a representative from the Committee and call them now to demand a transparent process. It's not too late to make an impact, and hearing from you is the best way to make the point clear to Congress.

    Call now!
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    Write to the Super Committee staff to demand and open process

    The Super Committee has asked for your feedback on how they're doing: Give them a straight answer. Use this feedback form to write to the Super Committee staff and let them know that you won't stand for anything less than a truly open process.

    Write Now
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    Write a letter to the editor

    Putting the word out into your local paper is a simple and powerful way to raise awareness about this important issue. It’s easy, too — we’ll help you each step of the way.

    Start Writing
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    Visit your district office

    Demand an open and transparent super committee in person at your local district office. We'll help you find your local office and give you tips for an effective visit.

    Get Started
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    Tell the world that you want an #opensupercongress