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Sunlight Responds to DISCLOSE Act Reintroduction


February 9, 2012

Contact: Liz Bartolomeo 202-742-1520 x226

The Sunlight Foundation released the following upon this afternoon announcement by House Democratic Leadership, who are re-introducing the DISCLOSE Act. Sunlight Foundation Co-founder and Executive Director Ellen Miller said:

“We are pleased to see that House Democratic Leaders reintroduced a DISCLOSE Act that goes straight to the problem: the lack of transparency for unlimited, secret super PAC money and the influence it has on our elections and our elected officials. This simplified bill is a good solution to the 'dark money' problem. The updated bill also removes extraneous or controversial provisions, instead focusing on what the public demands — transparency.

“Rep. Chris Van Hollen announced that he filed a discharge petition. Sunlight wants to see swift action on the DISCLOSE Act so that the bill can be implemented this election year. We call on the House to take up the issue and pass the legislation.”

Last month, Sunlight proposed the Stop Undisclosed Payments in Elections from Ruining Public Accountability in Campaigns Act (a.k.a. the SUPERPAC Act). The draft bill takes direct aim at ensuring that the money behind corporate, union and shadow group campaign ads will be online, available for public scrutiny, in real time.

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