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1021 Days After Citizens United: The Election

The world has changed. This is not the democracy you were told you would grow up to inherit, a government of, by and for the people. This is a different world. Here, unlimited sums of cash flow directly into elections thanks to the newly empowered super PACs. A series of court rulings, including the infamous Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court case, unleashed these outside spenders to favor special interests above all else. Over the last two years, these shadowy groups have gotten stronger and stronger, infecting our televisions, radios, websites, newspapers and billboards with messaging that we can’t control or track. On Election Day — 1021 Days Later — this shadowy epidemic will be raging out of control. That’s where you come in.

There are plenty of ways to fight shadows, but to start, you must turn on the light. We’ve proposed the SUPERPAC Act (which you can read and comment on below) as a way to strengthen disclosure requirements and help us all get a better sense of who is trying to win our votes and minds. On this page, you’ll also find some resources for learning more about the new political landscape...and a handy game to help you connect the dots between presidential candidates and the deep pockets funding them.

  1. 1

    Learn more about the SUPERPAC Act

    The SUPERPAC Act — aka the Stop Undisclosed Payments in Elections from ruining Public Accountability in Campaigns Act — is our proposal for how to address Citizens United and secret donors at Check it out and share your input.

    Read the Bill
  2. 2

    Everything you’ve always wanted to know about super PACs...

    Sunlight’s been reporting on super PACs and following the unlimited money in politics for years. We’ve come up with some great resources to help you dig in, too. To get started, head to our super PAC hub.

    Learn More
  3. 3

    Match the super PACs!

    Think you know who’s funding the presidential hopefuls? Think again. We’ve made a sweet matching game out of the top super PACs, the candidates they support and the amount of money they’ve poured into the campaign to date. Test your stuff.

    Play the Game