It’s Our Money—Let’s Go Get It!


Money and power seduce before they corrupt. As evidence I have posted, in its entirety, an email urging VCs and others to join a meeting in Washington to figure out how to “march” into town to get their money. Promising inside access, tempting would-be attendees with the largess of the federal government, these folks ought to be ashamed. No wonder near everyone thinks government is a corrupt game for insiders. No wonder most Americans are cynical about government spending and corporate lobbyists.

DC is on fire and some of the top entrepreneurs on the planet will be marching into town with us in October! Will you join us?

Marc Sternberg here—President & COO of AlwaysOn—checking in. If you have not been in contact with one of our team members about presenting at our upcoming OnDC event in October, I would like to talk with you. We still have a few openings in the program, and this could be a HUGE business development opportunity for you.

OnDC focuses on the sectors most impacted by the federal government including greentech, on-demand computing and IT security, education, and the life sciences. Part of what is at stake is the more than $80 billion in proposed annual spending by the government on these industries.

It’s our money—let’s go get it!

……mail me with a time to chat, or call me directly at 310.403.3330. OnDC 2009 will be held on October 19-21, 2009 at the Four Seasons (in Georgetown), and represent the most powerful gathering of entrepreneurs and VCs in DC this year!

Big shots like Blair Levin of the FCC, Lt. General Minihan (ret.) USAF, Managing Director, Paladin Capital Group, Dixon Doll, General Partner, Doll Capital Management, Tim Draper, Managing General Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Michael Greeley, Partner, Flybridge Capital, John Backus, Founder & Managing Partner, New Atlantic and Bob Davis, General Partner, Highland Capital Partners will all be on hand

The most current line-up can be found here:

At OnDC, over 50 breakout CEOs are taking advantage of this incredible business development opportunity by presenting a CEO Showcase live! (The CEO showcase package also includes a recorded video of your showcase posted on the AlwaysOn’s homepage and accessible for six months.) If you or one of your portfolio companies might be interested in this opportunity—let’s also connect on that ASAP!

Whether your team is looking for a big strategic deal with a major corporate partner, lining up your next round of financing, or creating some media and blogger buzz, OnDC delivers the insiders you need to meet.

As you can see, there is lots to catch up on, and we need to figure out how to get you in the OnDC program ASAP. Email me or call me directly at 310.403.3330 so we can discuss.

Best regards,

Marc B. Sternberg President & COO AlwaysOn ( 310-403-3330