What’s in a name?


It’s getting towards the end of summer and we’re getting a little silly here at Sunlight. The news is full of stories of politician’s hidden agendas, summer hideaways, and navel gazing — pretty typical fare for late August. We’ve taken our cue and looked deeply into politicians names to see if the letters themselves spell out a hidden message.

For example, it’s not surprising that Sarah Palin is commenting on the New York mosque controversy when the letters in her name, slightly reordered, spell out “Sharia plan.” Charlie Rangel’s fate has been sealed now that we know his name translates into “Clang! Liar here.” And American workers should hold tight to their paychecks because Joe Biden’s secret message is the slightly ungrammatical “I need job.” No sense can be made out of Harry Reid’s “hair dryer”, but perhaps Republicans should know that Michael Steele portends “ethical melees.”

Our media friends don’t escape, either. Perhaps pointing to the closing of affiliate offices around the country, the Washington Post must take its few “waning potshots.” Its competition at the New York Times is merely a bunch of “write monkeys.” Meanwhile, bloggers at the progressive Daily Kos generate “solid yak” while the conservative Red State is a “tad terse.”

Talking heads Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann become “Lib yell roil” and “Oink! Blather Men.” What would Jon Stewart say about this? His blend of humor, wit, and sarcasm translates into “Rant! Jest! Ow!”

To find out the hidden meaning of Anderson Cooper — it’s really kinda odd — check out this anagram finder. We’d love to see what you find in the comments.

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