The Sunlight Foundation’s policy team is helping to create a more open, transparent government.

Our policy work joins issue expertise with an open, innovative approach to advocacy, bringing technology to analysis and lobbying, and adding substantive detail to our vision for digitally empowered governance and citizenship.

Policy Issue Areas

  • Federal

    We push for changes in Congress and the executive branch that improve public access to public information by proposing policy changes, conducting research and oversight activities, providing comments, meeting with staff and testifying at hearings. For more information on this agenda, see the Federal Policy page.

  • Open Cities

    Our Open Cities program aims to configure a new, more democratic infrastructure of openness in U.S. cities. We work directly with city governments and their residents to design channels of openness that will empower community members to play a central role in determining cities’ futures. Our work is, by design, directly in partnership with everyone who has a stake in cities’ futures: individual residents, community organizations, government staff, federal policymakers, and international partners. For more information on this agenda, see our Open Cities page.

  • International

    At the global level, our goal is to engage open government activists and provide them resources to increase government transparency and accountability in their countries. We do so by expanding consensus on international norms for transparency; strengthening national-level non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as advocates for local change; and serving as a hub in the network of international transparency practitioners. For more information on this agenda, see our International Policy page.