Tools for Media

Sunlight has a number of spokespeople on staff who are subject matter experts in their field of work. Our experts can provide you with critical insight into the changing regulations and cutting-edge technologies that are transforming our government and the way that the public interacts with their elected officials. Contact the Communications team (at right) to arrange an interview or speaking opportunity.

  • Capitol Words explores the most popular words and phrases used by legislators in the U.S. Congress. Search the data from 1996 to today by state, date or politician.
  • Fixed Fortunes is an analysis of America’s most politically active corporations and the federal benefits they received.
  • Influence Explorer connects the dots of political contributions on the federal and state level allowing you to track influence by lawmaker, company or prominent individual.
  • Party Time documents the political fundraising circuit. From the early morning hours until late at night, there are opportunities for members of Congress, presidential and congressional candidates to meet with supporters behind closed doors, press them for money and party. Breakfasts, luncheons, barbecues, golfing outings, receptions, concerts, basketball, baseball, football—the social whirl is endless.
  • Political Ad Sleuth is an opportunity for local volunteers to help us make a national, online database of TV stations’ public ad files. This paperwork, which every broadcaster keeps but doesn’t post online, contains important information about who is buying airtime for political ads.
  • Politwoops is the only comprehensive collection of deleted tweets by U.S. politicians. From minor messaging changes to major gaffes, offers a window into what they hoped you didn’t see.
  • Scout is a rapid notification service allows anyone to create customized email or text alerts on actions Congress takes on an issue or a specific bill. It also makes it easy to search federal regulations and track bills in all 50 states (a first). The website tracks a variety of sources including the Congressional Record, THOMAS, the Federal Register and Sunlight’s Open States to create legislative news searches about issues a person, company or nonprofit cares about.

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