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  1. Democrats

    At the start of his Presidential campaign, he said "I'm not from Washington and I'm not a lawyer"

  2. Presidents

    The last President to sport a moustache or beard while in office

  3. Transportation

    While in office, he became 1st president to ride in a car & submerge in a submarine

  4. Business and Industry

    True to his middle name, in his 1st "Golden Rule" store in Kemmerer, Wyo., he demanded "cash only"

  5. Lyrics

    "He rocks in the tree-top all day long"

  6. Europe

    Country whose capital was formerly called Koebnannehavn, meaning "Merchants' Harbor"

  7. U.S. States

    Mark Twain said he was born in this state because "it was an unknown new state & needed attractions"

  8. First Ladies

    Encyclopedia Americana calls her the "mother of the most important family dynasty in American public life"

  9. Colonial America

    In 1762 Ben Franklin was given an honorary degree by this English university

  10. Famous Quotes

    In 1946 in Missouri, Churchill said, "From Stettin... to Trieste," it "has descended across the continent"


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