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Obama's Tech Companies Lobbying & Campaign Contributions


President Obama is sitting down tonight with a number of top Silicon Valley executives to discuss "innovation." Or is this the first effort to reach out to friendly campaign donors for the President's reelection bid?

A number of these organizations also have sophisticated lobbying operations in Washington. They have spent millions in the past year and, with Facebook ramping up their lobbying presence in 2011, will likely spend more this year.

Below you'll find the 2010 lobbying spending and 2008 campaign contributions to President Obama from employees and political action committees for the companies present at tonight's meeting.

Lobbying (2010) Contributions to Obama (2008)
Apple $1,610,000.00 $92,141.00
Google $5,160,000.00 $803,436.00
Facebook $351,390.00 $34,850.00
Yahoo $2,230,000.00 $164,051.00
Cisco Systems $2,010,000.00 $187,472.00
Twitter $0.00 $750.00
Oracle $4,850,000.00 $243,194.00
NetFlix $130,000.00 $19,485.00
Stanford University $370,000.00 $448,720.00
Genentech $4,922,368.00 $97,761.00
Westly Group $0.00 $0.00

All data comes from the Center for Responsive Politics.