Tracking Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Sunlight’s “Tracking Trump’s Conflicts of Interest” project provides a free, searchable database detailing President Donald J. Trump’s known business dealings and personal interests that may conflict with his public duties as President of the United States. The project also documents news coverage of these potential conflicts. Read our reporting to stay current on related news, explore our database, and learn more about the project. As we continue to learn about the First Family’s business holdings, the database will be updated. To help with those updates, get involved by contacting us here. You can also contact us if you’re familiar with any of the conflicts we’re tracking.

Our Recent Reporting

This Week in Conflicts: Voters Sue to Stop CA Law Requiring Release of Presidential Candidate’s Tax Returns and Another Possible Hatch Act Violation  (8/6/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, a group of California voters is suing to block a new law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns, more allegations Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act and a look at complaints about Baltimore-area properties owned by Kushner Companies. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Lawsuit Against Trump Org. Can Move Forward, Mueller Testifies and Subpoenas for Ivanka and Jared (7/27/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, a judge ruled part of a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his company can move forward, Robert Mueller testified and both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump may soon be subpoenaed for records from private text messages and WhatsApp. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Conway Skips Ethics Hearing and the Fight for Trump’s Financial Documents Continues (7/19/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, the investigation into whether Trump Organization executives violated campaign finance laws may be coming to an end, Kellyanne Conway skips another ethics hearing and the battle for President Donald Trump’s financial documents continues. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Subpoenas for Kushner and Trump Org. and One Emoluments Lawsuit Dismissed  (7/12/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, House Democrats authorized subpoenas for President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, one of the emoluments lawsuits was dismissed and New York’s governor signs bill allowing some access to the president’s New York state tax returns. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Funding for Trump’s Fourth of July Celebration and A Look at The Trump Org.’s Expansion into Indonesia (7/3/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, news organizations dissect the funding for President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” Fourth of July Celebration and a look at a construction company’s involvement in the Trump Organization’s plans to expand into Indonesia. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Trump’s D.C. Hotel Charges Secret Service, House Passes Legislation Barring Spending at Trump properties and a Subpoena for Possible Ethics Violations (6/28/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, recently released spending documents show the Secret Service was charged more than $200,000 by President Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C., the House passed legislation that would prevent spending by some federal agencies at some Trump properties and Kellyanne Conway has been subpoenaed to provide testimony related to possible Hatch Act violations. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Mueller Speaks, the Latest of Trump’s Financial Records and a New Loan for Kushner Cos. (6/1/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, Robert Mueller announces his resignation after finishing the Russia investigation, the latest in the fight for access to President Donald Trump’s financial records and Kushner Companies receives a new loan backed by the federal government. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Trump’s Latest Financial Disclosure Statement Released, NYC Mayor Threatens to Fine Trump Org. and Occupancy Rates at Trump Tower (5/19/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, President Donald Trump’s latest financial disclosure statement was released, New York City’s mayor is threatening to fine the Trump Organization if the company does not reduce emissions from its buildings and occupancy rates are down at Trump Tower in New York. Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Billion Dollar Loss for Trump’s Businesses, More Subpoenas and House Committee Holds Barr in Contempt (5/9/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, the public receives the clearest picture yet of President Donald Trump’s finances and it shows huge losses, the House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress and Donald Trump Jr. is subpoenaed. Trump’s Tax Figures A decade in the red for President Trump. That’s what an investigation… Read More
This Week in Conflicts: Trump Files Lawsuit to Stop Release of Financial Documents, New Emolument Concerns and Taxpayers Cover Cost of Alcohol Bill at Mar-a-Lago (5/5/2019) by Lynn Walsh - This week, President Donald Trump and his company filed a lawsuit to stop the release of financial documents, news about foreign governments renting space in Trump World Tower raise more emolument concerns and details emerge about taxpayers footing the bill for a night of drinking at Mar-a-Lago. Trump Sues to Block Release of Finance Docs… Read More