Web Integrity Project

Our mission is to monitor changes to government websites, holding our government accountable by revealing shifts in public information and access to Web resources, as well as changes in stated policies and priorities. We work with journalists to make our findings public, and we produce policy analyses to evaluate and recommend changes to Web governance practices and help ensure access to valuable Web resources. Read more about our work and follow @SunWebIntegrity for updates. Contact us securely over Signal for any tips: 443-607-2067.

The Web Integrity Project builds on the collective work that our co-founders help lead in their roles on the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative’s Website Monitoring Team, which tracks and reports on changes to federal environmental, climate, and energy Web resources.

Our Work

Monitoring Federal Websites

Our reports documenting changes in content and access to resources on federal websites, with an initial focus on health and healthcare and immigration.

Web Governance    Policy

We’re developing frameworks for understanding website changes and policy analyses, to work toward improved laws, regulations, and guidance that ensure continued access to public Web resources.

Gov404: WIP’s Censorship Tracker

The Gov404 Tracker aggregates and verifies the most significant cases of censorship and information removals from federal websites since November 2016.

Blog Posts

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Misinformation and Disinformation (5/23/2019)- Giorgi Revishvili discusses the issues of misinformation and disinformation. Revishvili is a fellow at the Sunlight Foundation participating in the Professional Fellows Program, which is funded by the U.S Department of State and operated by the American Councils. Hailing from Georgia — the country in the South Caucasus, not the U.S. state — he works… Read More
WIP leadership briefs congressional staff on Trump administration’s web censorship of Affordable Care Act (5/21/2019)- Free Public Domain Illustrations by rawpixel Flickr via Compfightcc Leaders of the Web Integrity Project (WIP) met with congressional staff on Friday, May 17, to provide a briefing on our latest report entitled “Erasing the Affordable Care Act: Using Government Web Censorship to Undermine the Law,” and to discuss recommendations for better web governance at… Read More
HHS removed 85-page website with materials about the Affordable Care Act (5/15/2019)- Beginning in early 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Obama administration began compiling materials about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — then still years away from full implementation — on a section of its website headlined “Facts and Features.” The earliest examples highlighted the first real-world effects of the law,… Read More
New report analyzes how the administration is undermining the Affordable Care Act using web censorship (5/15/2019)- The federal government considers public federal agency websites to be the primary way the public learns about government functions, benefits, and rules. Agencies are thus expected to maintain their websites to provide the public with accurate, objective, and non-partisan information about their programs, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But when the administration that… Read More
HHS Office for Civil Rights overhauled its mission and vision statements on its website (5/1/2019)- A side-by-side comparison of a portion of the March 6, 2019 and April 30, 2019 versions of OCR’s “OCR Leadership” page, as captured by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. This change occurred between April 24, 2019 and April 30, 2019, according to WIP’s website monitoring software. At the end of April 2019, the Department of… Read More
WIP findings regarding Web censorship highlighted during FOIA hearing (3/14/2019)- Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a newly elected Massachusetts Democrat, cited website removals documented by the Web Integrity Project (WIP) at a hearing held by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform examining the state of the Freedom of Information Act under the Trump administration. Pressley focused her questioning on Melania Ann Pustay, Director of the Office… Read More
A new way to track Web censorship under Trump: Gov404 (3/12/2019)- The Web Integrity Project is launching Gov404, a tracker that aggregates and verifies the most significant cases of information removals from federal websites. Read More
Three attacks on public information highlighted in Gov404, our new Web censorship tracker (3/12/2019)- A snapshot of the removed "Navy Statistics" page showing the "Page Not Found" notice its URL returned on February 25, 2019. Snapshot captured by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Today the Web Integrity Project (WIP) released Gov404: The Web Integrity Project's Censorship Tracker. Gov404 is a new tool tracking removals of online resources and reductions in… Read More
Office of Minority Health removes access to webpages about the Affordable Care Act (2/28/2019)- In the last two years, between January 2017 and January 2019, the Office of Minority Health (OMH), an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), removed several ACA-related webpages, links, and references from the minorityhealth.hhs.gov subdomain. The removals, which began just days into the Trump administration, are documented in the Web Integrity… Read More
Explained: The federal government’s responsibilities to provide online content in non-English languages (2/14/2019)- A portion of the "Multilingual Resources Page" on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website as of February 14, 2019 (see snapshot from that date captured by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine). This is an example of a "key resources page," one of the approaches WIP has seen federal agencies take in providing access… Read More