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The Case of the Missing DOT Data... Solved?


Yesterday I wrote about my investigation into whether the Department of Transportation had put their data on as promised months ago, and found, to my surprise, that they actually were not following their own guidelines or deadlines, and were not in compliance with an executive memo.

This was extremely disappointing, as we initially hailed DOT as setting a high example and being an impressive leader with the timely, clear report they issued in response to President Obama's Regulatory Compliance Memo.

In the 24 hours after my post, DOT has increased the data sets located on from three to 83, which is much closer to the 89 total data sets they have listed in their report. My initial reaction is simply: wow, those people over at DOT are certainly some fast responders! 

I am excited to take a closer look and see what the overlap looks like between those now on and those listed in the report. Stay tuned for updates!