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2Day in #OpenGov 4/12/2012

by PolicyFellow


Campaign Finance

  • Charities not Candidacies: Repledge is a new group hoping to get some of the money out of politics by convincing donors to give to charity instead. (Washington Post)
  • Want a boat? Start a super PAC: super PACs  have wide latitude to spend their remaining funds if the candidate they support drops out. Most will close or find other causes or candidates to support. But, their are no specific rules and funds could be spent on just about anything. (Atlantic Wire)
  • Labor super PAC focuses online: The AFL-CIO is announcing new hires and pushing their online presence. The group appears to be readying a heavily digital strategy. (The Hill)
  • Digital information is heavy lifting? A new CRS report suggests that the Government Printing Office may face rising costs, gaps in authority, and conflicts with regional library systems as more government information goes digital. (Federal Computer Week)
  • A platform for finding your elected officials: GovHub aims to provide a platform for citizens to learn about and interact with their representatives from all levels of government. (Gov Fresh)
  • Governments jump on the pin board: Pinterest, now the third most popular social media network, is gaining steam as a government tool. The Army, Navy, and National Guard have accounts and local governments are starting to sign up. (Government Technology)
  • Now what Nigeria? A Nigerian nonprofit organization is aiming to engage younger citizens and encourage them to stay involved in the political process between elections. (NDI)
  • None.
  • None. 
Policy Fellow Matt Rumsey wrote this post.

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