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Turning the Camera on Romney Bundlers


Unidentified romney bundler in light blue shirt

Last week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, ABC News reported on a private yacht event exclusively for Romney campaign bundlers, a.k.a. its Victory Council. The event was “attended by no more than 50 people, along with Romney relatives, including older brother Scott.”

As guests left the yacht, ABC News put faces to their wallets in an attempt to identify who are bundlers to the Romney campaign. (The campaign does not voluntarily disclose them, but Obama does.) However, a number of people could not be identified. Can you help out?

In cooperation with ABC News, we placed their photos on Sunlight’s 180º Project website. Browse through the photos, see if you recognize anyone in them and then simply tag the photo as you would on Facebook.

For all tagged photos, we use it as a starting point to verify the attendee's identification and also further investigate their policy influence by matching them to other government data on a full range of issues.

Learn more about the 180º Project and start tagging here.