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2Day in #OpenGov 12/10/12



Campaign remnants 

  • Obama accepts corporate cash for inauguration: President Barack Obama will accept corporate money for the inauguration, changing course from his first inauguration in 2009. (Washington Post)
  • Obama, Romney draw $2 billion during campaign: More than $2 billion was raised to support Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in their campaigns to win the presidency, reports show. At least $1 billion was spent on each candidate by a combination of their own campaigns and supporting groups. (Washington Post)
  • Late super PAC donations revealed: Donations poured into super PACs just days before the election, campaign finance records show. The deadline for post-election reports was Dec. 6. (Roll Call)
  • FCC debates net-neutrality rules: Members of the Federal Communications Commission are continuing to argue about net-neutrality rules and what such rules would mean for the future of Internet regulations. A challenge to the rules is currently pending in court. (The Hill)
  • One vote between Google and antitrust lawsuit: The vote of one member on the Federal Trade Commission could determine whether Google faces an antitrust lawsuit. The commission needs five votes to bring the lawsuit, and there appears to be one main swing vote in the hands of Democrat Edith Ramirez. (The Hill)
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