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Open Data Policies At Work

A bird's eye view of open data policies
Open data policies — at all levels of government — are springing up around the country. To help keep track of the growth and evolution of these policies, we've compiled this bird's eye view of current and newly emerging policies at the state and local level, as well as best practice resources for those beginning their own open data journey or looking to track this information on their own.

Where & When

Upcoming Legislation


  • Alaska (Public Records amendment)
  • Boston, MA (legislation)
  • Cambridge, MA (public participatory drafting)
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Minnesota >> Get Email Updates with Scout!
  • Nebraska (Advisory Board) >> Get Email Updates with Scout!
  • New Jersey >> Get Email Updates with Scout!
  • New York >> Get Email Updates with Scout!
  • Ohio >> Get Email Updates with Scout!
  • San Diego, CA
  • Washington >> Get Email Updates with Scout!
  • DIY Open Data Tracking

    State and Federal Legislative Alerts

    Using Scout, Sunlight's innovative legislative tracking service, you can track State and Federal actions on open data, FOI, and other important issues.

    For emails updates on new state open data bills, create an alert for our State Open Data Bill collection.

    Or to follow via a RSS feed:

  • Click here to track state and federal "open data" legislation (RSS)
  • Click here to track state bills that mention "open data" (RSS)
  • Click here to track state open data policies (RSS)

  • Additional Resources

    From the Sunlight Foundation

  • Sunlight Foundation's Open Data Policy Guidelines - A series of best practice policy provisions, sample language, and use cases for opening up access to information online.
  • Sunlight Foundation's Comparison of Open Data Policies - A list of current municipal, county, and state policies in the United States analyzed against our Open Data Guidelines.
  • Open Data Policy Analysis on the blog - Analysis and applause of open data law enactment as it happens.
  • Sunlight Foundation's Local Program Hub - An evolving series of resources for transparency and open data advocacy at the state and municipal level.

  • On the Web

  • Open Data Stack Exchange - A Q&A forum about everything open data.
  • Code for America Commons Wiki - A gathering of open data and open government resources
  • Reporters Committee Freedom of the Press Open Government Guide - A round of up of Freedom on Information and Public Records laws.

  • WikiFOIA - A wiki of Sunshine laws and legislation.

  • Need more?

    Contact local [at] for more information!