The Supreme Court recently ruled that aggregate contribution limits to political candidates are unconstitutional. Although we are disappointed by this outcome, we will continue to push for real-time transparency of hard money contributions.

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Live from OKCon


OKCon logoI suspect/hope that most of this blog's readership is still asleep right now, but for those who rightly begin their day with a review of Sunlight blogs over their morning coffee, let me encourage you to tune in to the proceedings here at OKCon. So far we've already heard great talks from Rufus Pollock and Glyn Moody, and Richard Stallman is beginning a talk as I post this. I'll be speaking around 8:30am EDT, and plan to say a bit about the e-Gov cuts, #savethedata and the lessons that other open data organizations can take from the episode.

If that's too early for you, I suspect that the video will be archived. And while you're at it, have a look at the OKCon schedule -- there's lots of good stuff coming up!