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Open Data’s Business Value Isn’t That Important



The recent Open Government Partnership meetings in London have provided a good opportunity to assess the direction of our community. The latest comes from Jonathan Gray, and the title -- Open government should be about accountability and social justice, not the digital economy -- more or less speaks for itself.

I agree with Jonathan's diagnosis of distinct strains within the open government data community. But I don't think they have to be in tension. I've argued before that a big tent is beneficial to us all -- that blurring the lines between open data for accountability and open data for economic development can serve both constituencies' needs. After all, the great thing about open information is that its supply is limitless.

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The Open Data Census Needs Your Help


An increasing number of governments have now committed to open up data but how much data is actually being released? What kind of data is this and in what format? Which countries, regions and cities are the most advanced and which are lagging in relation to open data?

The Open Data Census has been developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) to assist in answering these questions and assess the state of open data around the world. It collects and presents information on the evolution and current state of open data around the world. The Census is a community-based effort initiated and coordinated by the OKFN but with participation from many different groups or individuals. The Census was launched in April 2012 to coincide with the OGP meeting in Brasilia.

We want to help our friends at OKFN  improve the coverage of the Open Data Census ( and verify existing contributions to ensure information is still up to date and reliable. We need your help in doing this!

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Live from OKCon


OKCon logoI suspect/hope that most of this blog's readership is still asleep right now, but for those who rightly begin their day with a review of Sunlight blogs over their morning coffee, let me encourage you to tune in to the proceedings here at OKCon. So far we've already heard great talks from Rufus Pollock and Glyn Moody, and Richard Stallman is beginning a talk as I post this. I'll be speaking around 8:30am EDT, and plan to say a bit about the e-Gov cuts, #savethedata and the lessons that other open data organizations can take from the episode.

If that's too early for you, I suspect that the video will be archived. And while you're at it, have a look at the OKCon schedule -- there's lots of good stuff coming up!

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