Thank you for your interest in Sunlight’s web tools and APIs! Due to the closure of Sunlight Labs, we are no longer the providers of these services. Most of our major projects were taken over by other organizations.

If you are looking for information on members of Congress and federal legislation, please see ProPublica’s excellent Represent tool, which incorporates several of our former projects. (Read more about ProPublica’s adoption of several of our projects.)

If you are looking for information on state legislatures, please see Open States. This project is now independently run by former Sunlight staff. (Read more about the initiative and follow their blog for updates.)

If you’re looking for the status of other Sunlight tools:

If you’re looking for something else, please read this blog post to check other tools not listed here. If another organization adopted a given platform, please contact them directly to find out the status of that tool. Our code and data remain accessible on Github.