The 2014 Euromaidan revolution shook up Ukraine in an unprecedented way. The fall of the Yanukovich regime heightened the demand from citizens to eradicate decades of entrenched corruption that has long disabled good governance and stunted development in the country. Since the transition, civil society organizations have been pushing for electoral reform and changes in the country’s anti-corruption legislation. To support these efforts, Sunlight provided technical assistance and conducted capacity building activities to help civil society organizations in Ukraine maximize their impact and better integrate technology into their organizational strategy.


  • Outcome Mapping

    Sunlight modified Outcome Mapping techniques developed by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to create a framework to evaluate the impact of open data projects, applying the methodological framework to Ukrainian civil society groups.

  • Design Thinking

    Civic tech initiatives often have issues identifying and reaching target audiences. These materials are intended to help civil society organizations integrate design research and user-centered design into their projects.

  • Tech for Advocacy

    How can open data and technology support advocacy objectives? These workshops addressed common obstacles NGOs face in creating tools for engagement and creative strategies used to overcome them, with a focus on Eastern Europe.

  • Data Workshop Resources

    This guide compiles relevant training materials and courses to guide advocates of any skill level interested in developing skills in data analysis, visualization and scraping. The examples have a focus on Eastern Europe and Ukraine.