Lobbying Reform

Sunlight is advocating for the Lobbyist Disclosure Enhancement Act. Introduced in June by Rep. Mike Quigley, this legislation would significantly increase public knowledge of influence wielding in Washington. The legislation would require lobbyists to disclose the names of covered executive branch officials or Members of Congress lobbied (or the name of the employer if the lobbyist meets with staff), the dates of the meetings, and the issues discussed. The bill would also close a loophole in who needs to report – a loophole which currently allows some of the most powerful players in Washington to engage in lobbying activities with no disclosure. The bill also significantly speeds disclosure of new registrations, reduces delays in reporting of lobbyists’ contributions, and strengthens enforcement mechanisms.

Sunlight is also advocating for legislators to change lobbying rules so that the public has real-time, online information about who is influencing policy decisions on Capitol Hill. Please read and comment on Sunlight’s legislative proposal, The Real-Time Online Lobbying Disclosure Act on PublicMarkup.org. We’d love to have your thoughts and input during this process.

Want to be a part of the effort to make sure there’s no more stealth lobbyists? Interested in closing the loopholes that help lobbyists avoid disclosing their influence peddling? Think the public should know which members of Congress lobbyists are meeting with?

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Read Goals for Lobbying Disclosure Act Amendments

Look at our thoughts on what needs to be included in an improved lobbying disclosure law. It’s time the public knows what the power players behind the scenes in Washington. Be a part of that effort.

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