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Tag Archive: 100 Days-100 Projects

Why there’s so little spending data on


Because apparently, there's not all that much spending yet:

Only a small part of the spending authorized by ARRA has occurred so far. It appears that about 5 percent, or about $19 billion, of the approximately $380 billion in budget authority for 2009 granted under the law was spent through the end of April. (Reported expenditures of $29 billion include $11 billion in federal transfers into the unemployment insurance fund, most of which has not yet been distributed to recipients.)

That's a Congressional Budget Office estimate, via a report by David Lightman of McClatchy.

I'm going to ...

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Oblique allusion to contract data available on


We have a partial winner. My colleague Greg Elin has tracked down, on, this announcement:

Obligated ~$47 million for EBSP equipment and ~$3 million for PSP equipment

That seems to correspond to this announcement from the 100 Days report:

2. Advanced Technology: Reveal Imaging Technologies of Massachusetts recently received a $47.5 million contract to develop, build, and install 123 reduced-size explosive-detection system units and their ancillary equipment at approximately 50 airports across the country, as part of the Electronic Baggage Screening Program.

That's the closest we've gotten to finding a reference to any of the ...

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Jake Tapper finds $27 million=$59,000


I am still playing around with the spread sheet of the 100 projects, which I'll be posting in some form (probably Dabble) in a bit. Right now I'm looking to see if I can find any of these projects listed on, the agency Recovery Web pages,,, and other places. Not sure I'll do this for all 100 projects.

In the mean time, it's well worth looking at this post from Jake Tapper, which probably explains this as well -- the dollar figures in the report don't necessarily have any relationship ...

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Clip job


Of the 100 projects listed in the 100 Days, 100 Projects report, 37 come from newspaper, wire service and broadcast outlets. So why is government depending on Nexis searches for its data on Recovery spending?

Got everything into a spread sheet -- I'll play with it a bit more tomorrow.

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