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Looking Back on 2010


It's been a busy year in the Labs. In a few days we'll filter back into the office, rested, recharged and ready to tackle 2011. But before then, let's take a second to recall everything that happened in 2010.

I should start with the most important stuff: the people. We added a bunch of new teammates this year. Andrew, Chris, Alison, Caitlin and Aaron have all proven to be great additions to Sunlight; we're lucky to have them. We also had some folks move around within the Labs. Ali officially became Sunlight's Creative Director; Ethan took over the Data Commons Project; and Kevin grabbed the helm of Subsidyscope. And I stepped into Clay's shoes partway through the year when he struck off in search of a new adventure.

We put all that new talent to good use: in 2010 we built a ton of stuff. Here are some -- but by no means all -- of the the things we made this year:

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What’s The Plan for 2010?


Tis the season to write year end or decade-end wrap-ups, and erroneous predictions of the future. But instead of making (nonsense) predictions, I'd like to discuss where we're headed as a community and the big problems we face moving forward.

Our mission is to help developers make their government more accountable and transparent through the use of technology and open data. In 2009 we focused on building infrastructure and community. In 2010, we need to start solving problems. Here are the big challenges on the horizon:

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