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Why does the IRS regulate political groups? A look at the complex world of campaign finance


The controversy over the Internal Revenue Service's handling of applications for non-profit status from Tea Party groups has put a spotlight on a subject with which we at the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group are all too painfully familiar: The migraine-producing complexity of the nation's campaign finance system. To shed some light on the ongoing debate, we've decided to share what we know. As often is the case with systems worthy of Rube Goldberg, it's easier to draw than to describe.

Graphic by Jenn Cheng

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Progressive groups threaten corporations on political giving


Today government reform groups put corporations on notice: Try to funnel political donations through entities that can hide them, and expect major public relations consequences. 


Occupy Wall Street's Aaron Black speaks, with Tom Edgar (far left) and Bill de Blasio (second to right)

At a press conference in Washington, 15 organizations launched a national campaign to target corporations who try to influence the 2012 election by contributing to 501c4 and 501c6 nonprofits, thereby keeping their donations secret. Non-profits running the gamut from long-standing entitities such as the Chamber of Commerce to newer ones such Priorities USA, organized to help ...

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