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Transparency In Action


Take a look at Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand's website for her Sunlight Report. If I were one of her constituents, boy, would I feel great knowing that she was so comfortable with what she is doing in the Capital she'd post it online. Of course, as an advocate for greater transparency, I do love it. We hope (and expect) to see a lot of other lawmakers following her lead.

We have noticed that Rep. Michael Capuano has been posting a schedule of sorts since 1999. But a quick review of it suggests that he's never ever met with a lobbyist. Hmmmm. That's just quite believable, is it?

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Rep. Gillibrand. You Are Not Alone…


The New York Times editorial that was very supportive of Sunlight's transparency agenda for Congress led with the mention that Representative-elect Kirsten Gillibrand has already decided to post details of her work calendar on the Internet at the end of each day. This afternoon I had a conversation with Matt McKenna, who is working on the transition team of Senator-elect Jon Tester, who told me that Tester has promised to do the same. In addition, Tester will institute a total gift ban for himself and his staffers, will prohibit any staff that leaves to work as a lobbyist from returning to work for him, and will ask a judge to conduct an ethics audit of his office every year. The office is considering other proposals too.

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