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Tag Archive: Land Deals

Rick Renzi Indicted


Congressman Rick Renzi was indicted today for a land swap in his state of Arizona. The Politico's Ben Smith reports:

Republican Rep. Rick Renzi of Arizona was indicted Friday morning on charges connected to a land deal in his home state, according to the Associated Press.

The indictment comes one day after Renzi, who had already announced his intentions to step down from Congress at the end of the year, buried his father, Army Maj. Gen. Eugene Carmen Renzi.

For more on the background of the investigation into Renzi read this section of his Congresspedia page.

View the indictment here. (via CREW

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Rep. Miller Offers Timely Reminder of Lack of Congressional Ethics


Here's another timely reminder that, though the 109th Congress is on its way out the door, the inattention to ethics of its members will remain a subject well into the 110th. The Los Angeles Times reports on official actions and personal enrichment, in which a member of Congress makes something more than a cameo appearance:

With community activists packed into the Monrovia Community Center one winter night in 2000, U.S. Rep. Gary Miller (R-Diamond Bar) implored City Council members to purchase 165 acres he owned in the foothills and turn the land into a wilderness preserve.

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