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Los Angeles Ethics Commission Calls for Public Financing:


After a record setting year for independent campaign expenditures, the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission is calling for the public financing of elections, according to the Los Angeles Times. Corporations, unions, and individuals spent $4.9 million on the election last year with 96% percent of that money spent in the final thirty days of the election. Studies show that “independent expenditures ballooned from $323,000 in 1993 to $3.2 million in 2001,” while the 2005 number was 54% higher than the 2001 amount. The Times also notes that, “298 lobbyists and 134 lobbying firms accounted for nearly $600,000 in contributions to 18 candidates. Lobbyists also engaged in fundraising to bring in an additional $450,000 for 14 of the candidates.”

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