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Road Trippin’


I want to get back today to our west coast trip of last week, particularly our meeting with Mitch Kapor.

As I mentioned earlier, we really are on the same wave length with him -- 100 percent aligned on the issue of citizen empowerment and using technology as a tool for that. We agreed too that Congress is badly dysfunctional and that we must do something -- and soon -- to change that. We all believe that indeed that we have an obligation to fix the problems.

Mitch made this additional important point: in trying to fix the problems we have to refrain from doing things that make it worse - a sort of "Hippocratic Oath" for reformers. Do no harm in trying to change the system. To that end, Mitch cautioned us that an attitude of "gotcha" is the wrong direction. Instead, the direction for reform and for engaging people needs to be positive.

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Sunlight Goes West


Mike Klein, Micah Sifry and I just returned from a few days in Seattle and San Francisco -- a trip well worth the range of discussions we had about Sunlight's goals and how to achieve them. We had simulating meetings with Martin Collier at the Glaser Progress Foundation and with Bill Gates, Sr. in Seattle. And our conversations in San Francisco were chocked full of advice out of the thinking of some of the great pioneers in the technology world, namely Mitch Kapor, Craig Newmark, David Sifry to name just a few. Chris Nolan hosted a terrific evening event for us.

The longest conversation of the trip that we had was with Mitch Kapor at his Open Source Applications Foundation. Before the meeting we knew we were pretty much on the same wave length on the issue of transparency because at a conference a few years ago, Mitch talked about the issue:

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