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Omidyar Network Invests $2M in Sunlight


Sunlight is extremely happy to formally announce today an investment of $2 million from Omidyar Network, a mission-based organization established by Pam and Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. This is the second such grant Sunlight received from Omidyar Network.

Omidyar Network's investment will support Sunlight's operations and grant-making to organizations that create "Web 2.0" tools that make information about the workings of Congress and the influence of money in politics more accessible to citizens. Since our founding in 2006, Sunlight has awarded more than $3.1 million to organizations who use the Internet to make Congress more open and accountable to the public. Read the full press release here.

We are also pleased to formally announce that Lawrence Lessig, renowned expert in intellectual property and Stanford University Law Professor, has joined our Advisory Board.

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Announcing a $2 Million Investment from Omidyar Network in Sunlight


We are so pleased today to announce an investment of $2 million from Omidyar Network in the Sunlight Foundation. The investment will enable us to increase the number of "transparency grants" we make and provide general support, particuarly for expanding the capacity of the work of our Sunlight Labs.

Sunlight and the Omidyar Network share a fundamental belief in the value of transparency, the potential for new technologies to connect individuals to both information and others who share their interests, and the ability for citizens to influence the issues that impact their lives. We really couldn't have found a better partner. This thrlling investment will enable us and our partners to make giant steps this year (just our second year of operation) to bring Congress into the 21st century, and make it more transparent.

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