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Sunshine Caucus


Mark Tapscott's editorial in The Examiner this morning promotes the common sense idea behind the Punch Clock Campaign, and calls for the development of a Sunshine Caucus in the next Congress that includes all advocates for more transparency for Congress. We're all for it. In fact, we like the idea so much, that I noticed that Zephyr is already referring to those involved in Sunlight's work as "The Sunlight Caucus."

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It’s Time To Have Some Fun


The Sunlight Network is launching a Congress In 30 Seconds video contest as part of our Punch Clock Campaign. Check out the really neat web tool we've designed and play around with it. It's unbelievably easy to get the hang of how to do it. It will only take a few minutes to make a video on the theme of what you imagine lawmakers do all day.  

We know you've always wanted to talk back to Congress. Now here's your chance to tell them what you really think. And in case you need an enticement, the winner -- picked by their peers -- of this 4 week campaign will win $5,000.

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