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Tag Archive: Americans for Responsible Leadership

Nonprofit’s $4 million dark money dump unreported for three months


An Arizona non-profit political group spent $4 million more than was been widely reported on last year's election thanks to a loophole in federal election law that allows some last-minute spending to be hidden until Jan. 31.

In all, Americans For Responsible Leadership spent $9.8 million on federal elections in 2012. That figure doesn't include $11 million more given to a California PAC that state authorities have described as "campaign money laundering".

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Controversial Arizona nonprofit drops $1 million against Obama


In the past week, a GOP-led dark money group from Arizona that had barely spent any money on federal races has dropped more than $1.2 million to oppose President Barack Obama, as well as $60,000 to oppose Utah’s only House Democrat, Jim Matheson.

The nonprofit group, Americans for Responsible Leadership (ARL), organized as a 501(c)4 under the tax code, does not have to disclose its donors under federal law. However, it may be compelled to do so because of a strikingly large $11 million donation to a political organization in California. The state’s Fair ...

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