As stated in the note from the Sunlight Foundation′s Board Chair, as of September 2020 the Sunlight Foundation is no longer active. This site is maintained as a static archive only.

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Scout, in Open Beta


We're opening a new tool to the public today for beta testing, called Scout.

Scout is an alert system for the things you care about in state and national government. It covers Congress, regulations across the whole executive branch, and legislation in all 50 states.

You can set up notifications for new things that match keyword searches. Or, if you find a particular bill you want to keep up with, we can notify you whenever anything interesting happens to it -- or is about to.

Just to emphasize, this is a beta - it functions well and looks good, but we're really hoping to hear from the community on how we can make it stronger. You can give us feedback by using the Feedback link at the top of the site, or by writing directly to

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Sunlight’s First Android App


I want to invite all of you with Android phones to try out a public beta of an Android app that I've been working on inside the Labs. It's called "Congress", and it's a pocket Congressional directory. It takes full advantage of the Sunlight Labs API to show you up-to-date info about members of Congress, and to pull in updates from members' Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Install the app from your phone by scanning the QRcode to the right.

It's a small app, really, but there are several other cool features.

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