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Building a National Campaign for Transparency


When we got back into the office here at Sunlight on January 4th, we knew 2010 was the year we needed to build a national campaign of people calling for an open, transparent government everywhere across the country. We've known for months in fact, but honestly, we had no idea how people would respond when we put the word out. Now, only three weeks later, a few very big events have unfolded, and each new event has created new opportunities - as well as more need for our collective action than ever before. In other words, it's abundantly clear that we're on the right track.

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Ruling may free corporate influencers from contortions


The Supreme Court's Citizens United vs. FEC ruling undoes years of restrictions on the ability of corporations and labor unions to use their treasuries to attempt to sway elections.

But a more accurate interpretation might be that it allows them to be more up-front about it.

From the first days after President George W. Bush signed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, better known as McCain-Feingold, huge sums of unregulated money have flowed from multi-billion dollar businesses, powerful labor unions and wealthy individuals with the intent of advancing their agendas and swaying political opinion, often in hidden or ...

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