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Congressional rookies following the ways of Washington


In 2010, voters were so determined to upset the Washington establishment that they elected a House of Representatives in which 20 percent of the faces were new. It was a political revolution. But nearly two years later, the 89 rookies elected in November, 2010—80 Republicans and nine Democrats—don’t look all that different from their more veteran colleagues.

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Profile: Diane Lynn Black


Party: Republican
State and District: Tennessee, 6
Born: Jan. 16, 1951 Baltimore, Md.
Campaign cash raised: $5,039,692
Money from businesses that lobby: $817,042
Money from leadership PACs: $97,400
Money from in-state / out-of-state: $2,041,813 / $109,450
At-risk in November? No
Outside group spending: $69,590.78 in support, $232,789 in opposition
Net worth in 2010: -$7,315,946 to $69,860,990
Net worth in 2011: Not yet reported


Black's Capitol Words profile

How we compiled this information

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