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Tag Archive: Fail’s Systemic Failure


The new which we've written about and even nearly bid on-- has certainly taken the government huge steps forward in terms of disclosing information, but it is not without controversy. The press is questioning the program, pointing to wasteful spending or bad data. The White House fired back with a "reality check"(their words) saying that few of the reports have gone through the "extensive three-week review" and that the data might be particularly misleading at this point.

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Last week, we announced that we were going to bid on Here, 9 days later we have a few pages of information on our bid, but I don't think it makes sense to turn anything in tomorrow. So I'm declaring this experiment a failure. Most people confuse "failure" with being "wrong" but here in the Labs, we're into experimentation -- and you can't experiment or push the ball forward if you're afraid to fail.

This was a completely worthwhile experiment and we've learned a lot. I want to share some of the reasons why we failed, and what we've learned with all of you:

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