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Mid-Day Hackathon Report


We're well on our way in the first couple hours of the Great American Hackathon! This morning, we watched as Boston, Philly, Atlanta, Jacksonville and New York got started on their projects. Here we've got 30 people working on about 10 projects throughout the weekend. People coming to dedicate their weekend to making their country a better place. Jump in, chat with us, and have fun!. Also, Noah Kunin has a spreadsheet of what's going on out there and who to contact. Send a tweet his way to add projects from your hackathons.

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The Great American Hackathon Begins!


The Great American Hackathon has kicked-off in great stride. I'm personally amazed at how punctual folks here in Washington, DC are. So far, I can tell from the tweets that people on the East coast are waking up and getting to work. Here in DC, our friends at development seed are working on building maps, meanwhile here at Sunlight HQ, folks are working on all sorts of projects.

If you're interested in joining the fun, you can see a live stream of Sunlight and chat with us there., and also tune in to the MHVLUG U-Stream channel to see what's going on there. More hackathons are coming on line this morning. Follow me on twitter for frequent updates, or just search for the hashtag #gah09

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The Great American Hackathon Starts Tomorrow!


Tomorrow morning Developers from Across the America will wake up ready to dedicate part of their weekend to making government data more available and accessible to the public. You Should Join Them. Here at Sunlight HQ, we'll be working on a bunch of different projects ranging from our own 50 State Project to the Voting Information Project. Out west, NASA employees are having an all-weekend hackathon at the Rainbow Mansion, freeing data from (dare I say it) SPACE!

Now is the time to sign up if you haven't already! This will be a really fun weekend. We'll also be online (we are now, actually so feel free to join us this afternoon if you'd like) on tinychat providing resources, data, and community to the people who need them. If you've already decided to join a hackathon in your area, that's great! When using twitter, flickr, et. al. remember to tag (or hashtag) your post #gah09.

If you haven't signed up, or there isn't an event happening in your area, not to worry you can still participate. Just join us in the chat or even better organize one today. And make sure to stay tuned to the blog throughout the day for new updates.

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