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The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge


the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge 2010 logoThe Health 2.0 Developer Challenge launched last week, and I've been embarrassingly remiss at mentioning it. Hopefully, many of you are already in the loop and excited about the project. Let me take a second and fill the rest of you in.

There are a lot of app contests and hackathons and dev challenges around these days. But I think this is one worth getting excited about, for three reasons.

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Transparency in Healthcare and Scientific Research


(from the Open House Project blog)

As the research of the Harvard Transparency Policy Project has made abundantly clear, applying the principles of openness and transparency to complex systems demands a careful approach to epistemic nuances; questions like what should be knowable to whom need to be answered before disclosure requirements are implemented, and need to be built into a disclosure regime's initial design. (more)

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