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Our Fifth Judge


I'm happy to announce our fifth and final judge in Apps for America 2 the Challenge: Cyrus Krohn. Cyrus the Director of Local Programming at Microsoft and former Director of the Republican National Committee's e-Campaign Division during the 2008 election cycle. He was Slate magazine's first employee and launched the groundbreaking webzine in 1996. He brings a unique perspective of having both worked in politics, and worked with local data. We're happy to have him participating as the fifth and final judge.

So, there you have it-- you can follow all the judges on twitter, too:

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The Apps for America Judging Process


Since announcing the winners yesterday, a few people have asked for notes about how the Sunlight Foundation selected the winners. The answer is: we didn't. The Apps for America judging process went like this: we got 5 judges to agree to judge the contest-- Adrian Holovaty, Peter Corbett, Xeni Jardin, Aaron Swartz and myself. We built a very lightweight judging app (screenshot) and invited every judge to log in and rate each app according to the attributes we specified on in the contest rules.

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