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Search new Subsidyscope database on federal aid to nonprofits


Subsidyscope nonprofit funding map.

In fiscal year 2008, the federal government gave $38 billion in grants to nonprofit entities and spent $10 billion on non-competed contracts with nonprofits. Billions were also taken in tax expenditures benefiting nonprofits, representing foregone revenues of $50 billion in 2008.

Excluding contracts, that means that the average U.S. household spent $430 a year on programs to nonprofit entities such as universities, hospitals and charities in 2008.

Loans and loan guarantees made by the government, known as risk transfers, also represent a subsidy. In 2008, the federal government lent at more than $7 billion to ...

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Chiropractics lobbied for special student loans, defaulted in droves


The chiropractic industry counted a win after it successfully lobbied for inclusion in a federal student loan program for those studying health-related professions. Decades later, though, significant numbers of chiropractors have defaulted on their loans, leaving Uncle Sam to make up the difference.

Fifty-three percent of healthcare providers barred from receiving Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements from patients because they defaulted on Health Education Assistance Loans (HEAL) are chiropractors, according to an analysis of the Department of Health and Human Services' exclusion list.

The data shows people well into middle age--even in their 60s--saddled with debt, sometimes as much as ...

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