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Tag Archive: Lobbyist Registration Tracker

Pro-gun interests hire new lobbyists


Three pro-gun interests have hired lobbyists, according to registration statements filed with the Senate Monday and last week, in the face of a push by Congress to introduce new gun control measures in the wake of the December massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

That includes two companies -- a Virginia firearms importer called Red, White and Blue LLC and Dick's Sporting Goods, a national chain that sells firearms, according to registrations filed Monday. Another group, the National Association for Gun Rights, has registered a lobbyist for the first time too, according to documents filed last week.

These registrations come on the ...

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New tool tracks new lobbyists and their clients


After the Nov. 2, 2010 election, lobbyists filed more than 350 new registration forms, disclosing their hiring by clients seeking to influence everything from the federal budget to Kyrgyz government negotiations with the United States to supply jet fuel to airbases in Manas, Kyrgyzstan and Bagram, Afghanistan. 

As members of the 112th Congress begin work, special interests will start adapting to the new political landscape in part by hiring new lobbyists to work the corridors of power on Capitol Hill. To follow those adaptations, the Sunlight Foundation is launching the Lobbyist Registration Tracker, a tool for tracking newly hired lobbyists ...

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