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Shameless Plug: Beautiful Data


O'Reilly is publishing a new book entitled Beautiful Data that you should buy. Why?

  1. The two authors of the book, Jeff Hammerbacher and Toby Segaran are really great people. It looks like a great book.

  2. Half the proceeds of the book go to us here at the Sunlight Foundation. The other half goes to another great organization, Creative Commons
  3. So buy the book and give us some much needed support so that we can continue liberating data and shining light in some of the darkest corners of Washington, DC. I'll sweeten the pot, too: If you're one of the first five people to buy the book and send me a picture of you with the book in your hands, I'll send you some very rare Sunlight Foundation/Labs stickers along with a very appreciative thank-you note.

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