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Labs Olympics: Sunlight 2D


Recently, the Labs broke into teams and spent two days doing projects entirely of our own devising, given free rein. Our team consisted of two developers, a designer, and Sunlight's prized sysadmin. So for our project, we wanted to do something for the office, that blended software and design with the physical world. Inspired by some recent internal work in inventorying items using QR codes, we thought it'd be fun to make a system that lets Sunlighters print out QR codes for anything they wanted.

What people do with those codes is up to them - document internal events for posterity, lead coworkers on a scavenger hunt, plant jokes, write QR slam poetry, whatever. The design goal here was to make it dirt easy, through their computer's browser or their mobile phone, for a Sunlighter to print out a QR code with some text and/or a picture attached.

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